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Gold, Silver, Platinum and Jewelry Selling Process.

In compliance with the DOJ CAPSS second hand reporting process, anyone selling second hand items including jewelry, coins or bullion bars in the state of California must have a valid United States Driver’s License or United State ID.
If you have an old or expired photo ID/drivers licenses along with Interim driver's license print out from the DMV with the matching information such as drivers license number on your old or expired ID we would be able to process the transaction.

Please Note: We do not except passports as ID for second hand transaction.

LA Cash for Gold™ is an ethically operated business and works closely with local and state law enforcement to ensure all transactions are done properly. Customers will receive an invoice detailing their transactions along with item image, customer digital finger print and digital signature on invoice at the time of sale. 

Valid ID must be presented at the time of evaluation, all items are photographed. You’re precious metals and jewelry will be evaluated by digitally testing the item to determine metal purity; items are weighted in grams and priced out using the Live Payout Prices on LA Cash for Gold.

We also reserve the right to refuse business to anyone, especially those who do not want to comply with the California Second hand dealer laws.


Per our company policy; the seller must be over 21 to sell any items to us.