Liquidate Your Old Jewelry with LA Cash for Gold

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West Puente Valley

LA Cash for Gold is very happy to sprawl its services to all over the city! If you are a resident of West Puente Valley then it's a golden chance for you to sell your jewelry as we are just a few milesaway from you. Situated at a distance of only 25 minutes away from West Puente Valley, we are an authentic store that will make sure you leave behind all your worries of selling gold.

Our company is located in a safe and secure area right in the heart of the Playhouse District in beautiful Pasadena. We give our customers a fair amount for all the precious metals. We evaluate all your items right in front of you. We test and weigh your items with a weighing scale and then find out the payout percentage. These payouts are depending upon current market prices of that particular metal and its purity. We have created a website wherein you can check the prices of all the metals and also find out how gold breaks in karats and diamonds in carats accordingly.

We are not just common 'cash for gold', rather we are known for our authenticity, reliability and satisfactory services. Our company possessing an experience of 8 years has become a leading company and has set a name on the gold buying business. In fact, our well trained team goes a long way in assisting you to the fullest and makes sure to take the confusion out when it comes to selling your fine metals.

Some of our other services are:

  • Custom designing your old fashioned jewelry
  • Jewelry repair
  • Watch repair
  • Buying scrap old jewelry
  • Battery replacement of watches

Recycling method

Our tendency to conduct the recycling method is our ability to pay you more than others. In the method all the metals are melted to be converted into pure form of .999 gold, .999 silver and .999 platinum. The recycling method is done in our own refinery and after the extraction process they are ready to be traded into the market.

Remember that in order to sell your gold at LA Cash for Gold, you must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid state id or a driving license. So, approach us and get the best deal for your gold, diamonds or silver.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Renowned CompanyThey answered all my questions with ease and didn’t feel pressured to sell. They tested everything in front of me and their website was pretty easy to follow. I had some colored stones in my gold rings and they took them out for me at no charge which I thought was pretty cool of them. Thanks again for helping me out LA Cash for Gold!Eric M.