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West Hollywood

It's a golden opportunity to all those living in West Hollywood and looking for reliable gold buying company. LA Cash for Gold is located in Pasadena and only a 30 minute drive away from West Hollywood but assure you it is worth the drive when it comes to get the most money for your precious metals. Located in a safe and secure location, our company is a well-established store conducting a gold buying process with absolute honesty and efficiency. With over 8 years of experience, we are one of the trendsetters in the respective area and offer our complete helping hand with satisfactory services. Travelling all the way from West Hollywood to Pasadena would be simple and easy as we have an excellent free parking area where you can park your vehicle for one hour.

Our honest and reliable practices are the top reasons for people approaching us to sell your gold, diamonds, silverware, platinum etc. Our buying and selling of metals is absolutely transparent and gives you a fair amount for all your valuables. We deal in buying scrap jewelry, gold bangles, dental gold, mismatched earrings and more. Your metals are tested and weighed with appropriate weighing tools and your payout prices are determined according to existing market rates. We have spent numerous of hours and work into building our website wherein you can check the live prices of all precious metals and also how gold is broken down into their purity, also known as karat.

Recycling Method- Great Way to Purify Your Metals

We also conduct a recycling method which is a unique feature of our company. In the process, all the metals go through a melting and molding procedure and converted into pure .999 gold, .999 silver and .999 platinum. The pure metal extracted out of the process is then traded out for sale.

Our innumerable services include:

  • Buying gold, diamond, silverware, platinum etc.
  • Buying scrap jewelry
  • Stone removal
  • Watch repair
  • Replacing old watch batteries

Our staff of well trained professionals assist you each step and give you appropriate knowledge about the gold buying business so that you can never be cheated upon by other companies. When you decide to sell your items to LA Cash for Gold, please keep in mind you must be 21 years of age and must have a valid state id or a driving license. Also, ensure that the metals you are bringing to us for sale must be your own belonging.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Efficient and Satisfactory ServicesI had some gold coins and medallions that I inherited and honestly, I have no use for them. I wanted to sell them and without any doubt went to LA Cash for Gold. They gave me exactly what it said on their website and I didn’t feel cheated here. Everything was explained and I had the cash in my hand within minutes. Thanks again for making this easy and hassle free!Jay