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In need of an authentic gold buying firm in West Covina? LA Cash for Gold comes all the way to serve you with its best services.

Our store is located in Pasadena and only 25 minutes away from West Covina. LA Cash for Gold is a reputable gold buying company throughout the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles area for over 8 years. We practice a transparent method of buying all precious metals from the public. We assure to give you right amount for your valuables. Our staff tests and weights all your metals accurately and then calculates your payout prices depending upon the current market rates of the particular metal. To cross check the prices, we have also created a website which presents the live prices of all the metals. These tools will help make it easier to understand the process of selling your fine metals to our company.

Other services that our company offers:

  • Designing customized jewelry
  • Buying gold, diamonds, silverware etc
  • Buying scrap old jewelry
  • Stone removal
  • Replacing watch batteries

Recycling Process- Unique and Transparent

Our unique recycling method conducted at our own refinery is one reason why we are able to pay you more than other companies. In the process, the metals are first melted and convert them into pure .999 gold, .999 silver and .999 platinum. After the metal becomes pure, it becomes ready to be traded into the global market.

When you decide to sell your metals to our company please keep in mind you must be at least 21 years and are able to provide a valid state id or a driving license. Our whole team of skilled experts extends their complete helping hand to solve your queries in the minimum possible time. Our company with experience of over 8 years in the respective domain offers full information about the gold business so that you will never be caught in any fraudulent dealings.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Great Service!LA Cash for Gold offered great services. They bought my scrap jewelry, dental gold, mismatched earrings and gave me exactly what I calculated on their website. The team was very helpful and answered all my questions. Thanks again!Monica