LA Cash for Gold-Guarantees to pay higher returns for your jewelry.

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Best place to visit is LA Cash for Gold to get paid high prices for all your precious metal scrap. Our primary office is located right in the heart of the Playhouse District in gorgeous Pasadena which can be easily accessed from Upland in as little as 30 minutes. We established our company in 2007 for the public to freely trade their precious metals for instant cash. In order to insure that our patrons receive high prices, we practice an exceptional recycling process of all the purchased items. In addition to this, we have engineered two modern tools-cash for gold calculator and live price index. These tools will give you a better understanding on selling your gold, silver and platinum jewelry and coins.

How our store is capable of paying higher returns?


Our firm pays 70 to 90 percent to patrons in return of their jewelry whereas other stores just pay 30 to 40 percent. Due to which, we are one of the most preferred firms in the whole of California's gold buying industry. The main reason behind our higher payouts is that we utilize all purchased components first hand. We have a unique outlook for the purchased jewelry such as Diamond jewelry, flatware, cufflinks and coins. Our firm carries out an extensive recycling process where all the metals are melted and their purest form .999 silver, .999 gold and.999 platinum is extracted. The purest form of metal is further used for our onsite wholesale and retail jewelry manufacturing supply and demand.

Our customer focused services


We are a customer focused firm and due to our exceptional set up, we have mustered a huge patron base, which is steadily growing. With a purpose to maintain the trust of our patrons, we carry out the metal evaluation and price determination process utilizing modern tools & technology right in front of them. While evaluation, we make the client understand the entire process so that they become aware of how gold trading is done and what points they need to know prior to selling gold pieces.

If you have decided to visit LA Cash for Gold for en-cashing your metal, then do bring your state valid ID or driving license. You must be 21 years old or above.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Repaired watch in a minuteMy father had a pretty gold watch which got damaged. I took it to LA Cash for Gold and the experts here repaired it in a minute using latest technology. Moreover, they charged me with nominal fees. Thank you so much.Laim