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Are you from Tustin and looking to sell your gold items to an authentic store? If so, then LA Cash for Gold is not too far from the people residing in Tustin. We are located in Pasadena and only an hour drive away. We are a company that is well known for our honesty and considered as one of the leading gold, silver and platinum buyers in and around Pasadena. In 2007, we started our business after doing deep research in this field and founding that there is no such foundation for the people to sell their precious metals. Customer satisfaction is our first priority and we work accordingly by providing the most transparent gold buying process. All the weighing and inspection of your gold is done right in front of you never having to second guess anything during your visit at LA Cash for Gold.

Our team of professionals

We have a team of highly experienced professionals who exclusively get trained by the owner. The owner of our company has more than 15 years of experience in this industry and he is a 3rd generation master jeweler. Our experienced professionals will let you know each and every aspect of your metal and help you understand its true value.

Services offered by LA Cash for Gold:

  • Stone replacement and stone removal
  • Watch battery replacement
  • Customized jewelry design
  • Buying Gold, silver and platinum

Why we are different?

The gold, platinum and silver that we buy from our customers, goes through a recycling process where we melt the precious metals to get.999 gold, .999 silver and .999 platinum. After that, these are used in the manufacturing of new jewelry. This is the reason why we are to offer up to 75% to 90% on your precious metals as compared to the 20% to 50% that is offered by other gold buyers. This approach really differentiates our gold buying service from the other available in the market.

Important points to be kept in your mind if you decide to sell your metals to LA Cash for Gold:

  • You must be at 21 years of age
  • You are able to provide a valid state photo id or driving license
  • You should be the owner of the items that you want to sell

Review For our Pasadena Client

Great place to sell your silver!LA Cash for Gold was great to do business with. They are honest and upfront and in this business, it can be rare when you find honest people to work with. Their testing process is transparent and everything is done in front of you. I have sold them my silver jewelry and silver coins my dad left me before he passed and they paid exactly what I calculated at home before going to their location. I didn’t feel cheated and I was very happy when I left. Thanks for making this easy and pain free. Come see them you won’t be disappointed. Catherine