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Thousand Oaks

Are you residing in Thousand Oaks and looking for a reliable gold buyer? If your answer is yes then LA Cash for Gold is the right place for you. LA Cash for Gold is located in the city Pasadena and is only an hour away for the residents in Thousand Oaks. We are considered as one of the leading gold, diamond, platinum and silver buyers in Pasadena and have been for over 8 years. In 2007, we have established our store after doing the deep research on the cash for gold market to provide a reliable platform to the people who are looking to sell their precious metals. Our primary goal is to be able to provide an honest and trusting relationship with our customers to make sure they are getting paid exactly what they deserve for their precious metals.

Services provided by us:


• Watch battery replacement and watch repair
• Repairing of damaged jewelry
• Buying gold, platinum, silver, and diamonds
• Designing customized jewelry
• Stone removal

How we are capable of paying higher prices to our customers?


Our firm pays 70 to 80 percent for jewelry whereas other companies pay just 30 percent. In order to give higher prices to our customers, we carry out an efficient recycling process. We have a refinery where we melt the metals and derive the purest form of silver, platinum and gold out of it. Further, we mold the purest form to sell it into the market which is later used for making new jewelry. This way we make profits that we share with our clients.

Our reliable staff


Our firm has been able to become one of the most preferred organizations due to our fair price policy and because of the dedication of our staff members. These staff members have been shortlisted as per their skills and experience. In addition to this, our owner has personally trained them to polish their skills. They are always on their toes to meet the expectations of patrons.


Rules to be followed for selling gold at our store:


• You must be 21 years old
• You must bring valid ID or driving license
• Items that you want to sell should be your belonging

Review For our Pasadena Client

Best place to sell gold and silver itemsLA Cash for Gold is truly the best place to sell your gold and silver. They are 100% honest and walk you step by step during the entire transaction. I have been coming to this company for over 2 years and they are great to work with. The entire staff is great and the owner makes the prettiest jewelry in town. I’ve left there with a pearl set of earrings and always get great compliments when I wear them. Come see them to get the most for your items, you won’t be disappointed. Barrie