Do not lose hope during tough financial times as LA Cash for Gold is here to buy your scrap jewelry

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Facing the tough times of a financial crunch? Looking for the sources to make instant money in the city of Tehachapi? If so then approach us at LA Cash for Gold. Our primary office is situated in Pasadena, California and buys all gold, silver and platinum. We are a well-established gold buying company and have received a reputable name in the respective domain. LA Cash for Gold has no middle man and in return we are able to pay you exactly what you deserve for your precious metals. When you visit our primary office we will digitally test your items to find out its purity. After discovery each piece's purity we then will weigh the jewelry on our authentic jewelry scales and then offer the price according to the current market rates of that particular metal which you are selling. The whole process of weighing and buying takes place in front of our customers so that they do not feel deceived. The experts of our company are well experienced and have served the company for over 8 years. They will properly educate you about the gold business and can answer all your questions.

Our customer focused services


Our firm is widely appreciated for rendering customer focused services. Services offered by us include evaluation and inspection of clients' precious metal. We buy diamonds and precious metals in all forms such as silverware, broken jewelry, watches, coins and medallions. Our firm is also engaged in mending broken watches and broken jewelry.

Estimate the price of your precious metals Online


On our website, we have developed a Cash for Gold calculator which you can estimate the worth of your gold objects as per its karat & weight before coming to our location. Along with this, on our website, we have introduced a new category that is a live price chart, which shows the live prices of all the precious metals according to the New York Stock Exchange. We have introduced these new tools for the convenience of customers and to ensure that they are getting the best prices for their precious metals.

Facts to be kept in mind prior selling gold at our store:


• You must be 21 years old or above
• You must be the owner of the objects that you wish to sell
• You must be able to provide a valid ID or driving license

Review For our Pasadena Client

Different and best servicesI visited them last week and was stunned to see their well designed store. Also, they had a good parking facility where I parked my car without paying any parking fee. Wow! I was so impressed to see their services. I will surely visit them again. Lynette