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South San Jose Hills

LA Cash for Gold is the best bet you can go to earn instant money by selling your scrap jewelrythat is just collecting dust in your jewelry box. We are a company that understands all your requirements and give you the right amount for your valuable metals.

If you are a resident of South San Jose Hills then our company, located in Pasadena, is not at all far from you as you can reach us in just 30 minutes. You will find no difficulty in coming to us as your first option. We deal in buying all your valuable items including gold, diamonds, platinum, silver etc. We practice honest services and that is one of the reasons why our clientele is massive. When you decide to visit us, our staff willaccurately test, weigh and calculate all your metals and determine the payout price to be given. The payout percentages are measured depending upon the current market rates. For your convenience, you can check our website where you can see the live prices of all the precious metals that are trading. Whether it's your cufflinks, dental gold, scrap jewelry or mismatched earrings, we buy them all.

Our Wide Variety of Services include:

  • Stone removal
  • Jewelry repair
  • Repairing broken watches
  • Replacement of watch batteries

Our Recycling Method

Our ability to conduct the recycling method is the main reason we are able to pay you more. In the process, we first melt all the metals and then refine them into the pure form of .999 gold, .999 silver and .999 platinum. All the refining processes are carried out in our refinery. Thenthey are transformed into the purest form and traded into the market for sale.

We have a team of well trained professionals that solve all your queries with great patience. We also teach you about the gold buying business so that you will never be caught in any type of gimmick or other fraudulent games with other gold buying companies. We take immense pride in providing all the important details about the process so that you can never be cheated upon. We promise to assist you at each step during the entire selling process.

Some Key Points to Remember when deciding to sell to LA Cash for Gold:

  • You must be above 21 years of age
  • Must have a valid state ID or a driving license
  • Jewelry should be your own belonging

Review For our Pasadena Client

Extraordinary StoreMy husband and I wanted to buy a new car since our last car gave out on us about a month ago. We tried to liquidate some items that we hardly used for a down payment. When it came to our jewelry that we got as gifts from our families and each other we started thinking, “Do we still use this?” I went online to see if places actually buy used jewelry and came across LA Cash for Gold. I read their reviews and their website seemed pretty legit. So I told my husband we should check it out along with the other companies I came across with. We had shopped around earlier that day to but none of the places that we visited seemed friendly and very honest to say the least. They were very pushy which in return made me nervous especially since we had a lot of things and I didn’t want to have seller’s remorse. I held my husband’s hand so that would be code for lets go…now. After feeling frustrated and hopeless we decided LA Cash for Gold would be our last stop. You know that saying, “Saving the best for last?” I am a strong believer in that. We went to their location in Pasadena and their showroom was gorgeous. I immediately felt easy when the young girl came out to greet me. She was very friendly and informative throughout the whole process which I appreciated. She tested and calculated all the items that I brought with ease and she was talking to us like she’s known us forever. I really felt comfortable and my husband can tell I was too since we were talking about each piece and when we got it. Going down memory lane was nice to enjoy. After she tested everything she told us our payouts and we couldn’t believe our ears! We were getting paid almost 4 times more than the other companies were offering us. We had enough for a down payment for our car and then some! It was music to my ears and I felt like it was going to be a big mistake if we didn’t take it. She wasn’t pushy and after everything she did and the hour that we were there, she even suggested to shop around and think about what we wanted to do. I said lets do it! Sold! I knew in my heart that I wouldn’t find that price anywhere else. Thank you so much to the young lady that helped my husband and I. LA Cash for Gold really is the best place to sell your metals too. You won’t regret it. We sure didn’t! =)Mary Ann