Reach LA Cash for Gold to Sell Your Metals and Earn Instant Cash

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South San Gabriel

Residing in South San Gabriel and still confused about the best gold buying company?Looking for the sources to make instant money? If yes, then our company is here to melt all your worries.

LA Cash for Gold is located in Pasadena. We are just 25 minutes away from the residents in South San Gabriel. When you approach us, you will be glad to see our well established store and fine metal buying process. We have keptour entire gold buying and selling process absolutely transparent so that our customer does not feel cheated by any means. The items you bring with you are digitally tested and then weighed on our authentic jewelry scales. The payout percentages are calculated keeping in mind the current market rates of that metal. Our website was designed to make it easy as possible to understand. It is broken down by karat and what our company pays in grams. No gimmicks and no haggles. We pay you exactly what our website states.

Our wide ranging services also include:

  • Well established jewelry store
  • Buying gold, silver, platinum etc.
  • Customized jewelry designing
  • Buying of scrap jewelry, medallions, dental gold etc.
  • Mending broken watches
  • Replacing the batteries of the watches
  • Jewelry sizing and repairing

Unique process of recycling

We carry a unique method of recycling wherein all the metals bought are melted in our refinery. Later, they are converted into the purest form of .999 gold, .999 platinum and .999 silver. After refining, they are molded into a new shape of jewelry which is then ready to be traded in the market.

Here are some important points before approaching our company:

  • Person selling gold should be over 21 years of age
  • You must provide a valid state ID or a driving license
  • Jewelry meant for selling should be your own belonging

While doing your own research, you will yourself find that people nationwide approach us for selling their precious metals.The whole team of our company is well educated and has a thorough knowledge about the gold industry. They will educate you in a very patient manner so that you do not fall into gimmicks played by other gold buyer.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Nice and friendly staffThe staff of this store is well educated and took me step by step during the whole process. I only had a few scraps so I thought I would only get like 50 bucks for it. I got almost tripled of what I thought I was going to get. I didn’t feel cheated since everything was done in front of me. Thanks again to the gentleman that helped me. He was great and I am most definitely coming back with more things. Neil