Liquidating Your Gold and Earning Handsome Amount In Return

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South Pasadena

Facing financial troubles? Want to pay off your debts faster? If yes, then LA Cash for Gold is here to buy your gold, silver and platinum at a very justified price.

If you are residing in the city of South Pasadena then we are just 10 minutes away from you. Having experience of more than 8 years in the gold industry, we have set our name as one of the most authentic and supreme gold buyers. The process of our gold buying is absolutelytransparent and takes place right in front of the customers. The staff at LA Cash for Gold test, weigh and calculate all your items. The prices are calculated according to the current market rates for that particular metal. For the convenience of our customers, we have also developed a website which offers a free tool tohelp you see the live prices for all the metals. This tool also gives the gold break down in terms of karats. Our company assures you that we pay you much higher as compared to the other gold buying companies.

The array of services which we offer are as follows:

  • Well established showroom of latest jewelry
  • Repairing of broken jewelry
  • Mending broken watches
  • Replacing watch batteries
  • Buying scrap jewelry
  • Customized jewelry designing

Our services are well renowned because of the recycling process that we follow. In this method, all the metals which we buy from our customers are melted in our own refinery. After the metals have been melted, they are then refined into pure .999 gold, .999 platinum and .999 silver. Then they get ready to be traded in the market.

Our professional team

The staff is skilled and has been trained by the owner himself in the gold industry. They have the ability to educate and guide you in the best possible manner by solving all your queries in the minimum time. Their honestly and knowledge will help you so that you do not get deceived by any other gold buyer. We make sure that our esteemed customers feel absolutely sufficed and happy. However, there are some important points that you need to keep in mind before approaching us. You need to be at least 21 years of age and have a valid state ID or driving license with you.Visit us today to start getting paid exactly what you deserve for your metals.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Authentic gold storeLast month, I faced a big loss in my business and my financial condition worsened. My wife and I did some heavy duty cleaning of her jewelry box and went through the items we both knew she didn’t wear anymore. We came to LA Cash for Gold with an open mind and did some research before coming to this location. They tested everything in front of us, which was a plus because the company we went to prior took our items to the back which I didn’t appreciate. They explained their website and how everything weighed and it made complete sense. No doubt their services were amazing and my wife and I were completely satisfied and relieved a little too. We left knowing we had some room to breathe from our financial troubles. Thanks again LA Cash for Gold, you guys are truly the best. Kane