Approach LA Cash for Gold to Get Justified Price for Your Valuable Jewelry

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South Gate

The secret to earn instant cash for the people residing in South Gate is now here. Our gold buying and selling store, LA Cash for Gold is just 30 minutes away from your place.

Our store is located in Pasadena where it will be easier for you to reach. We deal in buying and selling of gold, platinum, silver and diamonds. Following a simple and honest process, we carry out all the activities at our store. When you will come to us to sell your precious jewelry, we will test weigh it properly and then determine its payout percentage which is calculated according to the current market rate of that metal. We then take the customer's assent to the deal and then do the furthertask of paying. The customers can themselves also check the live prices of the metal at website.

Our array of services consists of:

• Fixing the damaged jewelry
• Mending the watches
• Replacing the battery of the watches
• Buying and selling gold, silver, diamond etc.
• Buying scrap jewelry

Our recycling process and its uniqueness

In our recycling process, we first melt all the metals in our own refinery and then refine it into pure .999 gold, .999 silver and .999 platinum. After they have been converted into their purest form, they get ready to be operated or traded in the market. Since it's our own refinery we keep a strict check on each and every activity. Even our experts are so well trained that they will teach you about the whole gold business with the utmost patience. They will make you aware about all the minute details of the process so that you cannot be cheated by any other gold buyer. You will be assisted at each and every step at our store and you will not be left disappointed at all.

Points to be kept in mind before approaching us:

• You should be above 21 years of age to sell jewelry
• You must possess a valid stated ID or an authentic driving license
• Jewelry which you want to sell should be your own belonging

Review For our Pasadena Client

Bought my scrap jewelry I brought an engagement ring from a previous relationship and the guy that helped me out was really great. He bought my gold and also the diamonds on it. Of course it wasn’t what I paid for but I went to 3 other places and LA Cash for Gold was the only offer that I felt was right. He offered me double of the “highest” price that I got prior to it. I feel comfortable doing business with him and I got paid instant cash. Come see them, you won’t regret it. Alberto