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South El Monte

Residing in South El Monte is an added factor for you now to earn money. LA Cash for Gold is located in Pasadena which is only 25 minutes away from South El Monte.

We deal in gold buying and selling and have a well-established company. Our buying process is transparent and we will assist you every possible manner. We will properly test and weigh your jewelry first and then calculate its payout percentage on the basis of the current market price of that metal. The live prices of all the metals are displayed clearly on our website from where you can double check and feel satisfied. For the convenience of our customers, we have developed a website where the live prices of all the metals have been mentioned very clearly.

The process of recycling and its benefits

In the process of recycling, we melt all the metals we have bought from our customers and then refine it into pure .999 platinum, .999 silver and .999 gold. Finally, the pure metal is ready to be traded in the market. This whole process takes place under strict supervision.

Our well trained experts

The experts of our team are well experienced and knowledgeable. They will make you aware about the whole gold business so that no other gold buyer can cheat on you. They will addressall your problems in the most efficient manner and will solveall your seemingly unendingqueries in no time.

We have the facility of proper parking where the customers can park their vehicle without paying a penny for at least one hour. Our service of customized jewelry designing has made us stand out from other buyers. Our experts are so well trained that they will design the jewelry as per your requirement and will bring your much awaited designs live in front of you. The most important thing to be keepin mind is that you should be at least 21 years of age and you must providea valid driving license or state ID.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Store of worth appreciationI say this from my personal experience that this store is the best of all the other stores that I have experienced to this day. They are better in everything whether it’s their services, staff, norms and other things. May