Earn Huge Profits and Fulfill Your Awaited Dreams by Selling Your Precious Jewels

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Sierra Madre

Earning quick cash in no time can be the most favored factor for all those of you residing in Sierra Madre. LA Cash for Gold is now here to contribute to your piggy banks.

We are a gold buying and selling company located in Pasadena andis only 15 minutes away from you. You can easily reach our store with no difficulty. Yes! We buy it all. All your gold cufflinks, silver flatware, wedding bands, dental scrap gold, and platinum chains. We will properly test and weigh your jewelry first and then calculate its payout percentage on the basis of the current market price of that metal. The live prices of all the metals are displayed clearly on our website from where you can double check and feel satisfied.

Cooperative and well trained team

The whole team of our company is dedicated and passionate about their work. They have years of experience and understands each and every detail of the gold business. They will even educate you about the whole gold business so you do not fall for other fraudulent gold buying companies.

Crystal clear and exclusive recycling process

The factor which makes us unique is our recyclingprocess. This process involves melting all the metals and then refining them into pure .999 platinum, .999 silver and .999 gold.After it is all done, it becomes ready to be traded in the market. This all takes place in our own refinery so; we keep a strict eye on the wholeprocess.

For our customers, we have the facility of proper parking where you can park your vehicle free of cost.Also, we have the service of customized jewelry designing wherein we design the jewelry exactly according to our customer's demands and specifications. You just need to explain the designs and pattern of the jewelry which you want and we shall design it in the same manner. This is our assurance to you that we will design your jewelry in the most perfect manner and we will also pay you higher amount in return of your jewelry as compared to the other gold buying stores.

Important points to be kept in mind

Please keep in mind that you must be at least 21 years of age if you are planning to reach us to sell your gold. Also, the jewelry meant for selling should be your own belonging and you need to provide a valid state ID and or driving license.Visit us today and earn quick cash!

Review For our Pasadena Client

Buys the whole variety of goldI visited them to sell my gold necklace and gold rings. The rings had some stones missing in it but without making any trouble, the experts bought it and gave me cash instantly. Tracie