Selling Your Prized Jewelry- The Best Way to Earn Instant Cash

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Santa Monica

Your way to earn quick cash is now here. Yes! LA Cash for gold is here to buy all your broken jewelry and mismatched diamond earrings and make you earn huge profits in no time.

Our store is located in beautiful Pasadena. It is just a 30 minute drive from Santa Monica. We are not just any regular or average 'Cash for Gold' but are well-known in the gold industry. In fact, you can do your own research and see that customers nationwide are approaching us to sell their precious metals to us.

Honest buying process

We have an honest process where we digitally test for your items purity, also known as karat. We then weigh your items on our jewelry scales and calculate your payouts on our cash for gold calculator. You can easily located the cash for gold calculator on our website. Our website will also show you the current prices for all the precious metals. It's separated by metals and its karats.

After purchasing your items from our customers, we melt all the metalsin our own refinery and convert them into pure .999 gold, .999 platinum and .999 silver. After this, the pure metals are taken to the market for trading. This process is the recycling process and makes all the more unique and different from other gold buying stores. Also, we assure you that we will pay you a much higher amount as compared to the other companies.

Our different services include:

• Buying and selling of platinum bangles, dental scrap gold, gold cufflinks, silver flatware etc.
• Jewelry repair
• Replacing the battery of the watches
• Designing the customized jewelry according to the customer's specifications

When selling your items to our company please keep in mind that you must be at least21 years and hold a valid state ID or valid driving license.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Much better than other companiesLA Cash for Gold made my first time selling gold easy and pain free. Their prices are exactly what they say on their website. Everything was done in front of me which I appreciated very much. My payout was more than I thought it would be. Thanks guys! Michelle