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Santa Maria

Are you living in Santa Maria and looking for a reliable gold buying firm? If yes then visit LA cash for gold, which is based in the city of Pasadena. Our firm is 2 hours and 45 minutes away from Santa Maria. Now, if you are thinking what is the benediction of traveling for nearly three hours to reach our store? So, answer to your query is we are the only firm that pays you 70 to 80 percent for your ornaments. Apart from this, we pay the prices in accordance with the latest prices of the New York stock exchange. We carry out the entire process of metal purity check and its price estimation right in front of the customers. At our firm, we have appointed dedicated and experienced professionals who are well aware of this industry and are exclusively trained by our owner itself. These professionals dedicatedly solve the queries of the customer's regarding the gold selling process.

We keep ourselves updated of the latest market trends, owing to which we have developed two new categories on our website. One is cash for gold calculator; using this tool any one can calculate the price of its gold by breaking its weight into grams and ounces. Along with this, we have another tool that is called live price index. Keeping an eye on the changes of this index one can keep himself aware of the latest prices of gold, silver and platinum that is set by New York exchange

Mentioned below are our services:


Our firm is engaged in buying precious metals that is further recycled. We mend broken watches and jewelry. In addition, we replace old batteries of watches. We also custom design the jewelry as per the details given by patrons.

Criterion for selling precious metal at LA Cash for gold:


For selling any precious metal at our firm, the client must be of 21 years old. Client must have a state valid Id or driving license. Client must be the owner of the jewelry.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Got prices for gold jewelry as per the prevailing market pricesI was looking for a firm that could pay me price of my gold bangles as per the current market price. After doing market research I concluded that LA cash for gold is the only firm that offers up to 70 to 80% on gold.Clifton