Getting Hold of Quick Legal Tender by Selling Gold, Platinum and Diamond

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Santa Clarita

Planning to get your home renovated this season? Falling lack of cash and want to earn quick money in Santa Clarita?If you are saying a big yes to this then there is happy news for you

LA Cash for Gold is located in the heart of the Playhouse District in beautiful Pasadena which is just 40 minutes away fromSanta Clarita.We have set our name in the gold buying industry as one of the most trustworthy and honest gold buying companies out there. Customers nationwide approach us to sell their precious jewelry to our company. We have come across numerous items such as gold coins, silverware, platinum wedding bands, gold cufflinks and even diamonds. LA Cash for Gold is paying our customers exactly what they deserve for their belongings.

Our honest buying process

We always continue the legacy of offering honest services and satisfying our customers. Whether you approach us for selling a gold ring or to buy a diamond necklace, we will assist you the best way we can.When you visit our primary office we will digitally test your items to find out its purity. After discovery each piece's purity we then will weigh the jewelry on our authentic jewelry scales and then offer the price according to the current market rates of that particular metal which you are selling. Our website is open to the public and can be viewed anytime to see the prices for all precious metals. You can also use our very own cash for calculator to receive an idea of how much you will be getting paid before coming to our office in Pasadena.

Recycling process

In this, all the metals are properly melted in our refinery and then converted into a pure metal form. Afterwards, this pure metal form is traded in the market. Our experts will educate you about the whole gold business so you don't get tricked by other gold companies in the future.

Our other services that we offer at LA Cash for Gold is repairing jewelry, watch battery replacements, watch repairs and stone removal.

Important things to be kept in mind

One of the honest practices that LA Cash for Gold also follows is appropriate paperwork. When you decided to sell your items to our company you must be at least 21 years of age and provide a valid driving license or a state ID.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Customer friendly storeHuge thank to you the staff at LA Cash for Gold for making this experience painless and even fun! I had such a pleasure working with this company and I didn’t feel cheated not once since everything was done right in front of me. Everything was explained to me as they were testing my items and I got way more than I thought I was going to get. Thank you for also fixing my wedding ring, it came out so gorgeous! Phoebe

Worth visiting againI visited them last week to sell my platinum wedding band. They were very nice to me and bought my jewelry ata very justified rate. I was very happy and have planned to visit them again in the future. Angel