Liquidate Your Gold and Diamonds to Enjoy Huge Cash In Return

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San Marino

Residing in San Marino is a plus factor for you now as there is no need for you to hunt for a good gold buying store where you can sell your jewelry and earn quick money. Yes! LA Cash for Gold is here to buy all your precious jewelry and give you exactly what you deserve for your belongings.

We are located in beautiful Pasadena which is just 15 minutes away from San Marino. We have achieved trust from many of our customers by offering the best prices and performing honest practices. Our main goal is to satisfy the customers and take the confusion out of buying gold. The team is well educated and has thorough knowledge about the respective area.

Fair and transparent recycling process

When it comes to our fair practices, we follow a recycling process where the metals are first melted and then refined into purest form of gold, silver or platinum. After they are ready, they are then traded in the global market.When you visit our primary office we will digitally test your items to find out its purity. After discovery each piece's purity we then will weigh the jewelry on our authentic jewelry scales and then offer the price according to the current market rates of that particular metal which you are selling. The whole process of weighing and buying takes place in front of our customers so that they do not feel deceived.

The variety of our services include:

• Stone removal
• Jewelry Repair
• Watch repairs
• Replacing the battery of watches
• Designing customized jewelry

Things to be kept in mind before reaching us to sell your gold:

• Jewelry which is to be sold should be your own belonging
• You must be at least 21 years of age
• Must provide a valid state ID or valid driving license

Review For our Pasadena Client

Good facilitiesI visited them last week and was stunned to see their well designed store. Also, they had a good parking facility where I parked my car without paying any parking fee. Wow! I was so impressed to see their services. I will surely visit them again. Marina