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San Juan Bautista

Gold is the most precious asset you can own. It holds a great value when you are surrounded by tough financial times. In the gold buying/selling business you must look for a good store to sell all your precious items. One company that differs from the rest and can step in without any hesitation is La Cash for Gold. We are a company that will never break your trust and will value your valuables as much as you do.

If you live in Glendale and are worried about finding a gold buyer nearby your home then you've come to the right place. Our company is located in Pasadena not too far for the residents of San Juan Bautista. When you come down to our location we will first test all your items and determine their karats, weigh your grams by purity and then will determine the payout percentage depending upon the current market rates.

Higher payouts for precious metals


The primary focus of our firm is to provide customers with higher returns for their jewelry. Our store gives 70 to 80 percent as the payout valuewhereas other firm just pays 30 to 40 percent of the worth of valuables. On a purpose of achieving the pre-set aim of our firm, we conduct an extensive recycling process at refinery. In this process, all the metals are melted and their purest form .999 silver, .999 gold and .999 platinum is extracted out of it. Extracted form is mold into new shapes that is used for manufacturing and designing new jewelry. New jewelry is traded into the market for generating revenues.

Our customer focused services


We at LA Cash for Gold are engaged in rendering client focused services. In accordance to these policies, we pay higher returns to patrons for their gold. Along with this, we also educate clients about the points to be kept in mind prior to sell gold. We are also engaged inrepairing broken jewelry and watches. At our store, we also have striking jewelry that we sell at affordable prices.

Eligibility for selling precious metals at our store


• You should be atleast 21 years old for selling gold at our firm
• You must bring a photo ID or driving license
• You should be the seller of the jewelry that is to be sold

Review For our Pasadena Client

Sincere staffThe staff at LA Cash for Gold was extremely talented. They assisted me in a polite way and solved all my queries within no time. I was greatly satisfied with the service.Angel