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San Joaquin

Los Angeles Cash for Gold is happy to announce its premium services expanding to all over the city! If you reside in San Joaquin and still baffled where to sell your precious metals then LA Cash for Gold is right at your fingertips. Our company is newly located in the beautiful city of Pasadena and although it may be quite a drive from San Joaquin, we assure you it's worth the drive to get paid the best prices for your gold, silver and platinum. We are one of the leading authentic stores in the whole San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles area. For over eight years, we have been serving our customers with the transparent process of buying diamonds, gold, silver and platinum and offering them the true value of their precious metal and diamonds.

Our professionals- Our Potency

We have a team of extremely committed and experienced staff who are exclusively trained and are able to perform the complete evaluation method of your extremely precious items that includes bracelets, gold bangles, cufflinks, scrap jewelry, mismatched earrings, medallions, you can bring them all to avail the true value of your precious metal. Our experts will extensively educate you about the whole gold buying industry so that you can never be trapped by the fraudulent acts or gimmicks of the other gold dealers in the market. Over years, LA Cash for Gold has exclusively embarked a position in the industry with its premium customer services.

Some of the additional services are:

  • Designing of customized jewelry
  • Stone removal
  • Mending broken watches
  • Watch battery replacements

Ensure the Right Value of Your Gold

We have effectively managed to develop a customized tool to assess the true value of your precious metal gold according to karat and weight. You can conveniently use this to estimate the value of your gold before visiting our store. The chief reason of designing this cash for gold calculator tool is to serve our customers with absolutely transparent and consistent buying and selling process. We have also managed to design a live price chart that robotically updates price at every interval of 2 minutes in accordance to New York Stock Exchange.

If you are planning to sell gold at our store then do not forget to bring a valid photo ID proof or driving license and be at least 21 years of age. Here, we solely believe in catering our customers with absolute transparent gold buying services in the industry.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Jewelry repairLA Cash for Gold is great place to not only sell your gold and platinum but they also repair jewelry. I had a charm bracelet that my mom gave me when I was 16 and it broke about a year ago. I have been putting it off because I have heard some horrid stories about jewelers doing some funny business while “repairing” customers items so I never brought myself to actually get it fixed. I didn’t want to sell it for the gold either since it had emotional value to it. I came to LA Cash for Gold in the first place to sell some old jewelry I never wear and while doing so I got the chance to meet the owner. We started talking and I told him about my bracelet and he said that he would be able to fix it that same day. He was very honest and I didn’t get any negative vibes from this place so I thought if I was going to get this fixed I better do it now and with a business that has gotten 5 stars all the way. I brought it in the next day in the morning and by closing of that day they called and said it was ready. I went in the next day to pick it up and it looked absolutely fabulous! Like it was never broken in the first place. He even cleaned it and polished it and no additional charge and it didn’t cost me an arm and leg to get it fixed either. I wore it out that same day and I felt so good having a piece of my mom with me again. Thanks again to the owner and the team for being so honest and helpful. You guys rock!Angelina

Amazing service!LA Cash for Gold provides great services. They conveniently purchased my scrap jewelry and even dental gold! They tested everything in front of me and I even got to see their cool calculator on their website. The complete team was extremely warming and helpful resolving all my queries. Thanks again and I will definitely be back with more stuff.Bella