Selling Your Expensive and Prized Jewelry at LA Cash for Gold

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San Fernando

If you are residing in San Fernando then you can reach LA Cash for Gold without having any difficulty. Our store is located in beautiful Pasadena which is just a 25 minute drive from your place in San Fernando.

Our store deals in buying and selling jewelry and we follow honest practices to satisfy the requirements of our customers. The items that we buy from the public include dental scrap gold, wedding bands, gold pieces with stones missing, silver flatware, and platinum necklaces. Our buying method includestesting your items for its purity, also known as the karat. After testing your belongings we weigh all the karat groups and then determine your payouts. We calculate the prices according to the current rates for that business day. The prices for all the precious metals can easily be found on our website under "live prices".

Well experienced team of experts

We have a great team at LA Cash for Gold who are well experienced in their respective field. They are well educated and will give you a step by step on how the gold selling process works. The staff will make you so knowledgeable that you will not be trapped into future false promises made by the other buyers.

Recycling method and its uniqueness

In our recycling method, we first melt all the metals which we buy from our customers and then refine it into pure .999 platinum, .999 silver and .999 gold. After the metals have been refined, they are then traded in the global market. Our buying capacity has made us capable to extend our business and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Other services that we offer include:

• Stone removal
• Jewelry repair
• Battery replacement of watches
• Watch repairs
• Customized jewelry designing

When you decide to sell your fine metals to our company, please keep in mind that you need to be at least 21 years of age and must possess a valid state ID or valid driving license. For the convenience of our customers, there is one hour street parking available.Come visit us today to start getting paid exactly what you deserve for your belongings.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Great customer satisfaction servicesLA Cash for Gold explained the entire gold selling process to me since I was still a little confused on the process. They did everything right in front of me so I didn’t doubt anything they were doing since it was all visible. The gentleman, which I believe is the owner too, helped me throughout the whole process. He explained how the prices work for all the precious metals as well. I left completely satisfied and had no doubts. Thanks again for being so honest and can’t wait to come back with more stuff.Lacy