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San Buenaventura

Are you living in the beautiful San Buenaventura and searching for a reliable firm to sell your precious metals? If so, then LA Cash for Gold is the best place to liquidate your items and get paid high prices. We are located in the heart of beautiful Pasadena. It is a drive for the residents of San Buenaventura but assure you it's worth the trip. In the span of the past 8 years, we have been fulfilling the requirements of clients by paying them fair prices for their gold, silver and platinum. We are recognized as one of the most preferred firms for buying precious metals and diamonds. Our gold buying and evaluation process is completely transparent and makes us popular among the customers.

How we are different from other firms?


LA cash for gold has astonishingly excelled in meeting the requirements of clients by offering reliable and flexible metal buying services. Our trained staff tests, weighs and calculates all your fine metals for you and after gathering the appropriate information we are then able to give you your payout prices. We pay you exactly what our website states. Our primary focus is to make sure our customers are getting paid exactly what they deserve for their gold, silver and platinum. Our staff takes the confusion out when you come to our office by explaining a step by step process while testing your items. There are no tricks or gimmicks here at LA Cash for Gold.

How we are able to pay higher prices to our customers?


To pay the fair prices to our customers for their precious belongings, we conduct a recycling process of gold, silver and platinum in our own refineries. In this process, we melt the metals and extract the purest form of .999 silver, .999 gold and .999 platinum. The pure form is further molded to make new jewelry and traded in the market.

Criterion for selling precious metals at our firm


• You must have valid ID or driving license
• You must be at least 21 years old
• The jewelry that you wish to sell must be your belonging

Review For our Pasadena Client

Really transparent servicesI have been visiting this store for almost 2 years. They are just amazing to do business with and provide utmost customer satisfaction. The staff is great and they calculate my items right in front of me and in a timely manner. For the first timers doing this, make sure you go to a place where they test your items in front of you. Some places can be so sketchy and take your stuff in the back room “to examine” and come out saying its lower karat when in reality they’re just trying to pull one over you. Not at LA Cash for Gold, they are honest and really great to do business with. Come see them you won’t be disappointed!Timothy