LA Cash for Gold -Highest return giving firm for precious metal scrap

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San Bernardino

Our store LA Cash for Gold is widely recognized as a reputed gold buying company in California. The payouts offered by our store are up to75 to 90 percent whereas other firms in the industry just give 30 to 40 percent. The vast difference between our and other companies' returns makes patrons wonder how LA Cash for Gold can pay such high payouts. The answer is simple.LA Cash for Gold conducts an extensive recycling process in which all the metals are melted to derive out their purest form, which are.999 silver, .999 gold and .999 platinum. The extracted form of metal is molded into a new shape that is used for designing and manufacturing jewelry. Our location is only an hour drive away for the residents of San Bernardino but assure you it's worth the trip for getting paid exactly what you deserve for your belongings.

Our testing process


With an aim to give the best prices to our customers, we accurately conduct the metal testing process using the most modern tools. Our expert tests each and every item separately one by one with the aid of a microprocessor state of the art digital electronic technology to verify the gold purity content .The purity content of the gold(i.e. karat)appears on the LCD display that can be conveniently seen by the customer.

What else we do for our patrons?


Our store is known for providing customer focused services and working hard to come up to their expectations. We have a very unique set up that makes patrons feel comfortable at our store. Our experts help clients throughout the gold buying process and are able to educate them as so that they never fall prey to the gimmicks of misleading companies. Moreover, we never pressurize patrons to sell their gold at our store.

What are the conditions set for trading at our store?


• You must be at least 21 years old or above.
• Please be able to provide a state valid photo ID or driving license.
• You must be the rightful owner of the items you wish to sell.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Helped to recover losesTo recover some of my business loses I decided to sell some of my unusable precious metal items at LA Cash for Gold. This store paid me 80 percent for my gold jewelry without any hassle. They tested and calculated everything in front of me. I got paid exactly what I saw on their website. It was a great help! Thank you so much to the staff of La Cash for Gold.Anthony