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Rolling Hills

Are you in need of quick money? Is your jewelry box filled with old unwanted gold you have no use for? If you said yes to both these questions, then approaching LA Cash for Gold would be the wisest option for you.

Our store, LA Cash for Gold, is located in beautiful Pasadena which is just a few miles away from Rolling Hills. You can easily reach us without wasting much of your time. We deal in buying and selling gold, silver, platinum and diamonds. We follow honest practices and offer amazing prices for all your fine metals.

Professional experts and transparent recycling process

We have excellent experts who will assist you throughout the gold selling process. Our trained staff at LA Cash for Gold will digitally test, weigh and calculate your belongings using our own cash for gold calculator. Testing your items takes place in front of the customers so that they do not feel deceived or cheated. The payouts are calculated according to the current market price of the metals for that business day. Please keep in mind there is never a set spot price for the precious metals. They change daily from our live prices page on our website. The jewelry we buy is then melted into our refinery and is refined into a pure metal that gets ready to be sold in the market. This method of melting and molding is known as recycling method and with this; we are able to continue with our honest services.

Our other services include:

• Stone removal
• Replacing battery of watches
• Buying and selling gold, silver, and diamonds
• Customized jewelry designing
• Watch repair

There are three things which you need to keep in your mind before selling to our company. Make sure that the jewelry which you are going to sell us should be your own belonging.You must be above 21 years of age and should carry a valid driving license or a valid state ID along with you. Make sure to bring this with you at all times when selling LA Cash for Gold. This make the transaction go smoother for both parties.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Transparent buying processThis store has a transparent buying process. When I went, they tested, weighed my jewelry and then calculated the price. It was all done in front of my eyes. They are very honest and do not conceal anything. Jay