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If you are from the city of Reedley and looking to sell your gold items at the right place then we are not too far from you. We are newly located in Pasadena and admittedly quite a drive from Reedley but assure you it's worth the drive. Our goal is to provide a reliable option to the people who are looking to sell their gold, silver and diamond items in the neighboring cities of Pasadena. LA Cash for Gold is considered top choice for people who are looking to sell their gold jewelries in the city of Reedley. As one of the top rated and leading gold buyers, we make sure that you get only the best prices on your precious metals.

Recycling Process- Effective Technique to Purify Your Precious Metals

We exclusively excel in conducting a recycling process which is considered as one of the most unique feature of our company. During this process, all the metals that includes silver, god and platinum goes through a melting and molding procedure in our own refinery and then it is converted into .999 silver, .999 gold and .999 platinum. The purest form of metal is derived through this extensive process of extraction in order to trade it in the market or to design authentic jewelries.

Other Astounding Services Offered By Us

  • Replacing the battery of your watch
  • Repairing watches
  • Fixing broken jewelry
  • Buying scrap jewelry
  • Stone removal

Our Premium Gold Buying Process

LA cash for Gold renders transparent gold buying method in the industry. We exceptionally inspect and weigh your precious metals and diamonds in front of you to make the whole process transparent and to achieve the utmost customer satisfaction. Our professionals posses extreme knowledge and experience in the industry and they are also personally trained by the owner of our company. Our team will always feel happy to help you and resolve every possible query during the buying process. Moreover, the price of your metal depends upon its karat and its weight.

Criteria of Selling Gold on Our Store

  • One must be the age of 21 years and above
  • You must provide your driving license and a valid photo id.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Fetch the True Value If you want the most money for your gold, than LA Cash for Gold is your bet. A friend referred me to them and I came in with no knowledge of how the gold selling process work or what type of karat my stuff was. The young lady that helped me was very informative and was walking me through the step by step process. I had mostly 14K which is the most common karat there is in jewelry. I came out of there with almost $400!! I was surprised my little trinkets were worth that much. They are awesome to work with and I’m happy with my decision of going there. I ended treating my friend to dinner for her great suggestion. Thanks again guys! Rita