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Redondo Beach

Going through that painful financial crunch? Looking forward to get instant cash to meet the necessity? If yes then dig out those gold bangles and old anklets which you do not wear anymore. Yes! Your old jewelry can get you instant cash if you will sell it to us.

Our company, LA Cash for Gold is situated in Pasadena, California and deals in gold buying and selling services. We are just 45 minutes away from Redondo Beach so, you can easily approach us. You can bring your precious gold earrings, platinum watch, diamond necklace to sell to us and get higher price in return of it. We follow a very transparent process of buying in which we weigh the jewelry on authentic jewelry scale and then determine the payout price of it. This amount is calculated according to the current market rates of that specific metal. You can anytime check the prices of the metal on our newly developed site where the live prices of all the metal are displayed clearly. You can bring your scrap jewelry, gold coins, bullions, medals and other precious metals for selling to us. We assure you that we will pay you higher price is compared to other stores. Also, the recycling process which we follow is unique. We melt all the metals in our refinery and then refine into pure metal. Finally, the pure metal is traded in the market.

The expertise of our skilled team

The whole team of our store is completely dedicated towards achieving the utmost customer satisfaction and every tad is done to achieve it. They will educate you about the whole process and will answer all your queries. They are well experienced in the respective domain and will assist you at each and every step till the time you get completely satisfied.

Our array of services include:-

• Repairing broken jewelry
• Buying scrap jewelry
• Buying and selling gold, platinum, silver etc.
• Mending watches
• Customized jewelry designing

The feature which makes us unique is the customized jewelry which we design for our customers. Our customers can come up with their own designs & patterns and we shall turn their dreamt designs into reality. Whether it's your bangles or a ring, we will fabricate it the way you want and will turn your dreams into reality.

Things to be considered before approaching us:-

• The jewelry meant for selling should be your personal belonging
• You must be 21 years of age or older
• You must possess a valid driving license or a valid state ID

We will not leave you disappointed at all and will offer you the best services whether you approach us to sell your bracelet or to buy a diamond necklace.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Nice diamond collectionMy wife wanted to buy a diamond ring so; I took her to this store. She was very happy to see the wide diamond rings collection and even happier to know the owner designs them. The price was also very fair.Mac

Satisfactory servicesThis store renders satisfactory services; their staff is very nice and cooperates in every possible manner. Jack