LA Cash For Gold Is No Far From Pomona Now! Time to Get Hold of Instant Cash!

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Looking for an authentic gold buyer near Pomona? Want to sell your gold at higher prices? If yes then you just need to travel down to Pasadena, California. Yes! Our store, LA Cash for Gold is a well-known gold buying and selling store which is just 35 minutes away from Pomona.

With the experience of more than 8 years in the respective industry, we have come a long way ahead. Our motto is to satisfy the customers and we do everything to achieve it. The process we follow is absolutely transparent and takes place in front of the customers. First and foremost, we properly weigh the jewelry and then determine its payout percentage according to the current market rate of that particular metal. It's our assurance to you that we will pay you much higher as compared to the other stores in the market. Further, the jewelry which we buy from our customers is first melted in our refinery and is then molded into a new piece of jewelry. This process of smelting and refining is known as recycling method.

Our wide ranging services include:-

• Repairing damaged jewelry
• Repair watches/battery replacement
• Buying gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, etc.
• Selling a wide variety of beautiful jewelry
• Known for engagement rings
• Designing customized jewelry

If we talk about the team and the services of our store then it would be appropriate to mention that we have a well-educated staff and awesome services. Each and every member of our crew is capable enough to walk you through the whole process and answer any question without losing patience. They will educate you about the metal and its prices and will make you understand the whole process which we follow. You can always come up with your queries to us as our experts will solve them and will make you satisfied absolutely.

There are three things which must be taken care of before approaching us:-

• You must be 21 years of age or older to sell jewelry
• You must possess a valid state ID or an authentic driving license
• The jewelry that you are selling must be your own belonging

Even if you have damaged jewelry, gold medals, old coins, scrap dental gold or any other related itemthen you can bring it to us without keeping any second thoughts. We are one stop shop to meet all your metal requirements. You can turn your jewelry into cash instantly with us. So, reach our store and get huge profits in return for your jewelry.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Honesty is the best policyThis phrase goes very well with this store. The staff was great! They were super friendly and honest. I never understood the gold business but the experts of this store educated me in such a way that I was amazed to see that. Awesome store!!Neni