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Living in city of Perris and looking to sell your gold items to deal with the monetary crisis? If so then LA Cash for Gold is an hour away for the people residing in Perris. Our company is newly located in Pasadena and is a leading gold, silver, diamond and platinum buyers in and around Pasadena and the Los Angeles area. LA Cash for Gold has been in business for over 7 years and have maintained a well-known reputation to over hundreds and hundreds of consumers. Our staff is trained to inspect and weigh your precious metals in the most transparent manner and with this, we are able to offer you higher payouts than other gold buying companies. Admittedly LA Cash for Gold is quite a drive from Perris, but we highly assure you it’s worth the drive if you want to get the most for your fine metals.

Our ethical gold buying process
Our firm has become a leading organization in this domain all over Los Angeles area and San Gabriel Valley due to our ethical gold buying process. We carry out the entire procedure of weighing and examination of your gold right in front of you with the aid of modern tools and with the assistance of experienced professionals. In addition to this, our experts guide you through the entire precious metals buying process so that you become aware of it and get the right price for your gold item. Our firm removes each and every doubt regarding the trading of gold, silver and platinum.
We make sure that our customers get fair price for their precious items. For the same, we have developed a modern refinery where we melt the object and extract the highest purity of silver, gold and platinum. Further, we make use of the extracted metal to make are very own jewerely and sell the same in market to generate profit. Owing to our aforementioned recycling process, we are able to pay nearly 70% and 80 % percent on your gold where as compared to the other companies who pay just 20 to 40 % on your valuable metal. Please keep in mind to sell to our company you need to at least be 21 years of age, are able to provide a valid ID or driver’s license and the items you are brining are your own belonging.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Stress free gold buying servicesLA Cash for Gold is honest and upfront and in this business, it can be rare when you find honest people to work with. Their testing process is transparent and everything is done in front of you. I sold them some silver jewelry and some gold coins my dad left me before he passed 5 years ago and they paid me exactly what I calculated at home before going to their location. I didn't feel cheated and I was very happy when I left. Thanks for making this easy and stress free. Come see them you won’t be disappointed.Aaron