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LA Cash for Gold exclusively takes the pride catering all the financial troubles that the people of Parlier are facing by offering them an opportunity of selling their precious metals and diamonds at its true value. Our company is newly located in the city of Pasadena, where you can bring all your precious metals to liquidate for instant cash. We buy all gold, silver and platinum. We first evaluate the purity standard of your metal and then weigh it to calculate the right price for your items. Subsequently, the price will also be depended upon the current market price.

The Significance of Our Recycling Process

Our recycling process exclusively helps us in offering higher payouts than the other buyers in this industry. This is considered to be one of our most incredible features. Through this process, we melt and mold your items in our refinery to extract the purest form of metal which converts into .999 silver,.999 platinum and .999 gold. This purest form of metal is extensively traded in the market and also used to make new jewelry.

Our Other Exceptional Services:

  • Stone removal
  • Repairing watches
  • Fixing broken jewelries
  • Customized wedding rings
  • Replacing batteries of your watch

Our Experts- Highly Enthusiastic, Devoted and Dedicated

Our team of professionals is well-trained and skilled to serve you absolute customer satisfaction services with utmost patience. They also assist you about the gold buying industry so that you can never be trapped in any kind of gimmicks or fraudulent acts of other gold buyers in the industry. LA cash for Gold also excels in offering customized jewelry patterns which makes stand out from the rest.

Criterion of Selling Gold on Our Store

  • You must be the age of 21 years or above
  • Must have a driving g license or a valid photo id
  • The jewelry must belong to you

Review For our Pasadena Client

Perfect way to earn instant cash!I am really satisfied with LA Cash for Gold as they effectively tested and weighed my items in front of me and offered me the amount I was quoted when I used their calculator at home. They were very helpful and I appreciated their honesty. Thanks again for making my first time hassle free.Summer