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Palm Springs

Are you a resident of gorgeous Palm Springs and in the search of a trustworthy gold buyer? If yes, then end your search at LA Cash for Gold,as we are one of the prominent gold buyers in Los Angeles area and Pasadena area. We are quite a drive for the residents of Palm Springs but assure you it’s worth the trip to get the most for your items. Our firm practices high transparent gold buying services and haseven done an analysis of the gold market and have found that most gold dealers are not providing reliable customer services. LA Cash for Gold guarantees our customers that we are a client focused firm and go beyond the call of our duty to meet their requirements. Our firm is renowned for buying all old and broken jewelry of gold, silver and platinum from the people and for giving accurate market price for the same. In addition to this, we explain the entire process of gold business so that they can get the exact price on their gold.
What differentiates us from others?
With an aim to render all the services in a streamlined manner, we have appointed diligent experts. Moreover, our owner has personally trained these experts so as to add on to their skills. Our staff members cautiously place your gold and silver items in front of you and digitally test each piece. Apart from this, our experts detail the entire weighing and gold evaluation process to avoid any confusion in your mind.
We are able to pay the fair price of scrap jewelry to our patrons as we process it further in our well developed refinery to melt it and extract pure .999 platinum, gold and silver out of it. Extracted metal is then further traded into market.
We have also developed two special tools for the convenience for our customers. One of our tools is Cash for Gold calculator, using which you can determine the exact value of your belongings.  Along with this, we have developed a category which shows the latest price of gold, silver and platinum price as per the New York Stock exchange.

Points to be kept in mind for selling your items:

  • Seller must be at least 21 years old
  • You need to bring a valid photo ID or driving license
  • Items which are meant to be your own belonging

Review For our Pasadena Client

Perfect place to in cash your old jewelryThe services that are offered at this store are awesome. I sold an old charm bracelet that I never wear and decided wouldn’t hurt to see what I can get for it and I really needed some extra cash to pay for a parking ticket (different story). I went to LA Cash for Gold and the young lady that helped was just terrific. She tested, weighed and calculated right in front of me. It tested for 14K and I ended up getting paid over $300. I was so shocked that I nearly fell off my seat, literally. I was happy to know that I wasn’t being cheated since the calculating was done for me and in front of me. I was able to pay my ticket and even had a little left over for new shoes for work. Thanks again for making this experience a great one! Donna