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Pacific Grove

Are you in financial dilemma due to business loss? And thinking to sell your precious metal items? If so then come to LA Cash for Gold in Pasadena. This store is respected in the whole of California for offering returns i.e. 70 to 80% payoutsto patrons for their old jewelry, gold medallions, coins and flatware.Moreover, our company exclusively practiceslatest techniques for determining the value of metals. We carry the entire metal evaluation process right in front of the customers so as to completely eradicate the chances of any doubt. In addition to this, we have hired experienced professionals who immediately respond to the queries of customers and make them understand the entire metal evaluation process so that they never get duped by the gimmicks of companies.Our firm commenced with an aim to establish a huge platform where people can publicly sell their ornaments and other precious metal objects in return of higher payouts.

Base of our firm


We laid the foundation of our firm on honest business policies, due to whichwe are widely applauded and preferred in the entire gold buying industry. Our store is located in the Pasadena which is very convenient to access from Pacific Grove.We have a widely sprawling parking area where you can park your vehicle for free without any tension of its safety and security. Apart from this, our unique set uphas always met the expectations of patrons. Our professionals are very friendly, they educate clients about the points they need to know and never force them to sell their valuables. We never go ahead with the buying process till we get the consent of patrons.

Well-organized recycling process


In 2007, we researched the entire gold buying industry toknow about the firms which pay the true prices to patrons in return of their ornaments.But, we could not find a single firm that pays high payouts to patron. After understanding the difficultyof people who want to sell their gold, we started our firm and decided to pay 70 to 80 percent to patrons for their belongings.In order to attain this goal, we started to recycle the purchased ornaments. We have a properly segregated refinery where we melt all the metals and extract their purest form out of it. The extracted form is later used for making new jewelryand traded into the market.

Rules for trading gold onour store:


• A person of minimum 21 years of age or more can sell gold
• We need your state valid photo ID or driving license to do the paper work
• You should be the owner of your jewelry

Review For our Pasadena Client

Excellent replacement workThe lock of my favorite chain got damaged. I went to LA Cash for Gold and the professionals here replaced the lock in a jiffy at reasonable price, it became better than before. Their services are really good.ThankyouMax