Making the Best Use of Old Jewelry by Selling It to LA Cash for Gold!!

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Need some instant cash for a family vacation? No use for your old gold jewelry? If answered yes to both these questions then LA Cash for Gold is the best answer. We pay high prices for all your unwanted gold, platinum and silver. Our company is located in Pasadena and just a 35 minute drive from your Norwalk. We assure you it will be worth the trip if you want to get the most for your fine metals. We have become well known all over the Los Angeles area and San Gabriel Valley for years. We follow honest practices and follow an exclusive recycling process wherein the metals are melted and refined into a pure metal, typically .999. We test all your items for its purity, also known as the karat. After testing your items we weigh them by their karat group. We calculate your payouts on our very own cash for gold calculator. You can easily find that on our website and also gives you useful information about selling your metals. This will help to take the confusion out.

Our extended services and skilled experts

We also offer other services at our primary office in Pasadena. We specialize in designing engagement rings and weddings bands. We also repair jewelry, repair broken watches, stone removal and watch battery replacements. Consider us a one stop shop for all your jewelry needs.

If you decide to sell to LA Cash for Gold please keep in mind that you must be at least 21 years of age and provide a valid driver's license or ID.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Quick servicesLa Cash for Gold was great to deal with! I came into sell some of my silver coins that I had in storage in for a while. I was sort of saving them for a rainy day. Needed some extra cash for a family vacation we had been planning for a while so I decided to try and sell my coins. I went to one place before coming to LA Cash for Gold and they were very shady. I didn’t feel comfortable at all and the gentleman that helped made was pressuring me to sell without even thinking about or talking to my wife. I took my coins and left. I went to LA Cash for Gold the next day and they were extremely helpful. They had all their coin prices on their website displayed behind them and they answered all my questions. I told them I needed time to think and talk to my wife and they were understanding. I didn’t feel pressured at all to sell and I felt good about the price. I left, got in my car called my wife and she said the same thing. I went back 20 minutes later. The whole staff was nice and friendly. Thanks ladies for helping me.Bruce