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North El Monte

LA Cash for Gold is here to proffer its services in North El Monte. If you are looking for a genuine gold buying/selling company then choosing us would be the wisest option.

Our location in Pasadenais just 18 minutes away from North El Monte.In the past 8 years, we have been serving our customers with the utmost quality of gold buying and selling services. Your gold earrings, silver necklaces or platinum bracelets can be turned into huge cash payouts when selling them to LA Cash for Gold. We test, weigh your items properly on our jewelry scale and then calculate the payout prices according to the current market rates of that particular metal. The whole process is absolutely transparent. We also have a website where you can check the live prices of gold, platinum and silver. Our experts are well experienced and are able to answer any/all questions you have.

Our other range of services include:

• Mending broken jewelry
• Repairing watches
• Watch battery replacement
• Buying and selling platinum, gold, and silver
• Custom jewelry designing

Few things to be kept in mind before approaching us:-

• You should be at least 21 years of age
• Must provide State ID or valid driving license

It's our promise that we will treat you in the best possible manner. So, visit us to start getting paid the right price for your precious jewelry.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Well trained professionalsGreat place to sell your unwanted gold and silver. I came across some old jewelry from an ex-boyfriend and I honestly didn’t wear again after we broke up. My sister gave me the bright idea to sell it maybe I’ll get a few bucks for it. I did some research online and called a few places. Some places were ok and some other places were not so ok. I called LA Cash for Gold a day prior to going in just to find out some more information. They were actually very helpful on the phone and I didn’t need to make an appointment. I went in the next day and the representative I talked too actually helped me out that day and she even remembered my name! I was surprised and I think it made it easier because she was talking to me like she has known me forever which is nice now-a-days, especially in this business. She explained the process again and she did everything in front of me too. I thought I was going to get like 60 bucks for my stuff but I ended up leaving with over $400!!! I was so surprised that my little pile of old stuff ended up being that much. “Sold!” was my exact response. I left completely satisfied and I told me sister right when I got home, she was even more surprised! We have being coming to them ever since. Thanks so much LA Cash for Gold! You guys rock! Holly