Sell your scrap jewelry at LA Cash for Gold to overcome your monetary crisis

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LA Cash for gold is proud to help people overcoming their monetary troubles in the city of Murrieta. If you are facing a financial crisis and wish to sell your gold at a right price, then LA Cash for Gold is right for you. We are based in Pasadena, California, which is just a little over 75 miles away from Murrieta. Our store is very well established and is very widely recognized for buying medallions, scrap jewelry, dental gold and mismatched earrings. We also buy broken gold watches and give you the right price. We have mustered a huge customer base by following honest policies. To know the exact price for your jewelry, we first test your objects to determine its purity and then check the weight of the same. Further, price payable to clients is calculated on the basis of the prevailing market prices. Apart from this, we have maintained our website and also added latest tools using which customers can calculate the exact market value of their precious items on their own.
Our offered services:

  • Buying precious metals
  • Jewelry and watchrepair
  • Stone removal
  • Watch batteries replacement

Recycling Method- Taking out of pure form of metal
We have a well-developed refinery where we extract the highest purity out of the metals we buy from the public. By using modern machinery, we transform the end product into pure .999 gold, .999 silver and .999 platinum.  We further trade the end product in market or we use in the manufacturing of new jewelry.
Points must be kept in mind while coming to sell your belongings at LA Cash for Gold:

  • You must be of 21 years old
  • Must have a valid driving license or a state ID
  • You must be the owner of jewelry that you are selling

We have appointed experienced staff members who can answer all your questions without hesitation. Understanding of all the main points of gold business will eradicate all your chances of being cheated by numbers of other gold buying dealers. We never give false advertisements. Prices offered by us for the precious metals are fair and transparent. Do not delay any further and get the accurate price for your scrap jewelry.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Customer focused servicesEmployees of LA Cash for Gold are really knowledgeable and they explained to me the entire process of gold business completely. They taught me how to calculate the price of gold by using LA Cash for Gold calculator tool. Thank you so much for answering my queries.John