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Your search for an authentic gold buyer store in Montebello ends here! LA Cash for Gold is rated one of the top gold buyer companies andis now serving customers in Montebello.

LA Cash for Gold has been serving to the Los Angeles area for many years. Being located in the beautiful Playhouse District in Pasadena, it has allowed us to expand all services to our customers in the San Gabriel Valley. Our primary focus is to ensure our customers they are receiving exactly what they deserve for their belongings. The process of our buying/selling gold is transparent and we follow honest practices. We have a recycling process wherein the metal is first melted, then refined into pure metal.After the recycling process, it is sold or traded in the market. When you decide to visit us to sell your gold, platinum or silver we will test all your items for its purity. After testing your items we weigh them by their karat group. We calculate your payouts on our very own cash for gold calculator. You can easily find that on our website and also gives you useful information about selling your metals. This will help to take the confusion out.

Our other beneficial services includes:-

• Repairing of the watches that have stopped working
• Watch battery replacement
• Buying and selling gold, silver and diamonds.
• Buying scrap jewelry
• Jewelry Repair
• Engagement rings and wedding bands

We are no more than a 20 minute drive from the Montebello area.Our location is safe and secure at all times. You don't need to worry about bringing to much or too little when selling to our company.Just keep in mind of the following:

• The seller must be at least 21 years of age
• He/ she must provide a state issued ID or valid driver's license

The whole team of our company is very cooperative and shall extend a complete helping hand to you. They are experiencedand will answer any questions you have during your transaction. The experts will educate you about the gold selling business and will make sure to make your experience a great one.So, what else you are waiting for? Visit us today to start getting instant cash for your old belongings.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Bought my medals and gold coinsI had very old gold coins that I had in a box for over 20 years. I recently found them and decided to see how much I can get for them. I came to La Cash for Gold after reading all the great reviews people have left and I was amazed on how much I learned from them. Their prices are all listed online and I didn’t feel cheated not once. They answered all my questions and the owner is very honest. I’m glad I came to these guys because I’m sure if I went somewhere else, they wouldn’t have been so informative. See them for a great experience, you won’t regret it. I sure didn’t! Jack