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Are you one of those who are battling tough financial times and figuring out ways to make instant money? If so, then selling some of your scrap jewelry and old silver at LA Cash for Gold can really fetch you quick and easy money. Over eight years, we have been catering our customers with the utmost satisfaction and finest services by further offering them true worth for your precious items. We are pretty known for our top-notch gold buying services and authentic returns in the industry. For the people residing in Mendota and looking for a premium gold buyer then visiting LA Cash for Gold would be the best decision for you. Admittedly we are a drive for the residents of Mendota but assure you it is worth the drive if you want to get the money cash for your fine metals. We are located in beautiful Pasadena right in the heart of the Playhouse District. LA Cash for Gold has exclusively set a benchmark in owning years of experience by serving various customers dreams with its premium services. Our honesty and dedication has pioneered in achieving a huge clientele and trust of our prestigious customers.

Our Other Exclusive Services:

  • Mending watches
  • Stone removal
  • Fixing broken jewelry
  • Replacing the battery of watches

Elitism of Our Recycling Process

Here at LA Cash for Gold, gold, silver and platinum go through a recycling process in which all the metals are melted and molted in our own refinery to derive the purest form of metal. After the recycling method, the metal is converted into .999 gold, .999 silver and .999 platinum. This purest form is exclusively traded in the market and also used to make jewelry. Our team of representatives is personally trained by the owner himself. They have exclusively developed a skill to remarkably resolve any difficulty that our customers are facing during the selling of their precious metals or diamonds. Our team also educates the customers about the fraudulent acts and gimmicks of the other gold buyers in the industry.

Criteria of Selling Gold:

  • Jewelry should belong to the seller
  • Seller must be of age 21 years or above
  • Seller must be able to provide be a valid photo id or driving license

So, without wasting any more time visit our store to fetch the true value of precious metals. While coming to our store, always remember that the prices of the gold, silver and platinum varies according to the current market prices which functions according to the New York stock exchange. On our website you can always consult a live price for the exact price value.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Offer great value for diamonds too!Had a pair of round diamond studs that I got as a gift from an ex-boyfriend and honestly I never wear them. I didn’t want to throw them away and I heard through some friends that places actually buy used jewelry from the public. I did some research online and decided to visit some of these places to see what I was looking at for my studs. I came to LA Cash for Gold second, the first place I went too seemed a little shady and they were offering me only $100 for both. I told them I would have to think about because it didn’t seem right for that price. When I went to LA Cash for Gold I was helped by the owner. He specializes in making jewelry so he was able to tell me about the quality of the diamonds. He was so helpful and went over my studs in front of me. He said they were a good cut but the color was a little yellow but he would still be able to buy them. He offered 4 times as much as the first place! I couldn’t believe it, their total carat weight (yes I learned that from him) was half a carat. The other place couldn’t even tell me that! I was happy with the price so I decided to sell my studs to LA Cash for Gold. Come see them, they won’t rip you off! Thanks again to the owner that helped me. Stella