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Selling your gold, silver, platinum and diamonds for instant cash is a great solution when faced debt that needs to be paid down. Gold Prices are steadily rising and the gold buying business seems to be heavily advertised. If you want to sell your old gold jewelry, silver coins, its best to find a trustworthy company that can pay you a high percentage of the current market rate. If you're located in Lynwood and are looking for the most reliable gold buyer in Southern California; LA Cash for Gold located in Pasadena California is your destination to exchange gold, silver and platinum at a higher exchange rate. Customers of LA Cash for Gold come from all over Southern California to sell their items for the most cash.

We are altogether different from others as we value your valuables as you do. We accurately test each piece of jewelry and weigh them on a certified jewelry scale. After determining the Karat of gold you are selling and the correct weight, we use the current market rate advertised on our website to give you your cash payout quote. Ounce you accept our quote the proper paper work is completed and we then present you with a cash payment. Further, in order to become more reliable, we have developed a unique website where you can find the current price list of gold, silver and platinum.

The site also possesses a free tool through which the purity of gold is broken down in terms of karats so that there is no confusion, ensuring you have the knowledge to determine what a good offer for your gold is before you sell to anyone. Furthermore, we also pay our sellers a greater amount as compared to other gold buying stores, due to the efficacy of our trained testing ability. The LA Cash for Gold Company buys and melts down all of the precious metals in house, this allows for zero error by a third party smelting company. The melted bars are then refined into a pure state of .999 which is the purest gold can be refined to. As a jewelry retail and manufacturer our company has a high demand for precious metals and diamonds allowing us to instantly recycle and use most of the items we would buy elsewhere.

Our location provides plenty of free street parking in the play house district of Pasadena, which is a safe secure location to exchange your gold for cash.

Besides purchasing your old jewelry, we also provide services such as:

• Selling jewelry
• Re-designing new jewelry using your old components.
• Repairing a damaged watch
• Repairing your broken jewelry
• Replacement of watch batteries

To Sell Gold we have a few requirements that we strictly enforce.

• Must be over 21 years of age
• Must have a legal photo id or a valid driving license
• The Items you are selling must be yours to sell

We have a team of well trained professionals that are ready to serve you. We strive to make each customer's transaction an easy education process.

So, reach us with no delays! Enjoy our efficient services and sell your gold without any doubt.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Amazing Place to sell Gold!I wanted to buy my wife a new diamond ring on our anniversary; I had a few old chains from the past I really did not want anymore. I went to LA Cash for Gold and to my surprise; I got a great value for my old chain and a great deal on a new diamond ring. Henry

Top Notch Customer ServiceGreat customer service at LA Cash for Gold. The professionals educated me about the present market prices of gold, diamond, and silver and paid me right.Martina