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The Market has seen a huge inflation in gold, silver and platinum prices over the last decade; with a low trading price of $341.80 in 2003 to a recently all-time high price of $1900.30 in 2011 per troy ounce.

Why it is a good idea to sell old gold, silver and platinum jewelry that is just sitting your jewelry box, never to be used again?

Most jewelry containing Gold, Silver and Platinum that was purchased in 1990 to 2004 reflected a price point based on that years current metals spot price. Because the spot price of metals are higher that what they were when you purchased your jewelry. You may actually get pretty close to the cost of the products metal value at the time of sale.

Selling your jewelry, coins, bullion bars and dental gold could be a great start to pay down financial burdens in these tough economic times. Finding the right company to liquidate you precious metals assets into liquid cash is the most important resource you will need. Luckily today's internet allows us to use websites to research companies and ready about the process of selling or buying gold before actually taking a trip to the location.

If you are a resident of Lomita and looking for a best gold buyer then LA Cash for Gold is amongst the best, but don't take our word for it. Do your research and you will see that customers nationwide use our company to liquidate their gold, silver and platinum into cash. Our store is located in Pasadena, California and only miles away from Lomita residence looking to sell their gold for more cash.

We follow strict rules to test your precious metals. We carry out a testing procedure to accurately determine the right value for your diamond, gold, platinum, silveretc. Later, depending upon the present market rates, we weigh each piece of jewelry to find out the payout price to be given to you. Our ability relies on one key process that is the recycling method of precious metals and diamonds. In this technique, all the purchased jewelry, whether gold or diamond are melted and then refined to a pure state. Thereafter, a new piece of jewelry is designed and sold using the pure gold that has been collected from all the different types of gold customers sell.

There are multiple reasons to visit LA Cash for Gold in Pasadena in order to sell your gold. To become the top rated gold buying company, we have also created the most up to date priced website wherein you will find the automatically updating prices of gold, silver and platinum. Our website and customer service sets us apart from the competition, making us the most transparent place to sell gold in the country. The measurement of Gold content is classified by the term; karats. Which differs from the term used to measure a diamonds weight; known as carats weight.

Some of our other effective services include-

• Custom designing using your old diamonds
• Buying and selling precious metals
• Watch repair
• Replacement of watch batteries
• Jewelry restoration and repair of all types

Above all, the staff at our store is trained and skilled in the jewelry industry. We patiently educate our sellers the when buying and selling gold, silver and platinum. We also give you an up to date information about the current gold rates before you are about to sell your valuable metals. When you visit our Pasadena location, you will find yourself in an excellent atmosphere, plenty of street parking and security measures provided to ensure the safety of our guests.

Come to LA Cash for Gold in Pasadena to get the right amount for your gold.

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Honest Store to Sell Your GoldLA Cash for Gold is really an honest store where I got the right amount for my gold items. They first weighed all the jewelry and broke down the value in terms of karat and grams. Really a great business!Hannah