Turn Your Scrap Jewelry into real Cash with LA Cash for Gold!

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LA cash for Gold's; Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamond exchange service is a great way to turn your unwanted jewelry into instant cash.

The service that are provided by the company are very transparent, making it a clear choice on where to sell gold once you compare the upfront real time updated pricing and educational information on the website.

If you are a resident in Lawndale California and are thinking about selling your gold, silver, and platinum; then the drive to our LA Cash for Gold location will be a smart choice to complete your transaction. Our location offers free evaluation of your items with no pressure to sell, plenty of free street parking, security on site during our normal business hours and cash payments. Our store front Pasadena Location is assessable from many freeways; 134, 210,110.

When you step into the store, you will definitely be surprised to see the set up and the different types of technology that we offer to test your gold. All the items you bring to sell are first digitally tested then weighed and accurately valued using our live price chart and calculator on our website. The payout price is determined, by the existing market rates that precious metals are being traded at, you can also see these prices on our website before you come into sell.

In order to ensure that you get the right amount for your gold, you must be educated about the fluctuating market prices. For this, we have created a site where there is a list of the prices of gold, silver and platinum. These tools provide live prices in Grams, Pennyweight (DWT) and Troy ounce for your reference. At LA Cash for Gold the only unit of measure jewelry weighed and priced out in is Grams. Coins, Bullion Bars are usually measured in Troy Ounces.

The Recycling process used at LA Cash for Gold, allows the company to payout the highest prices for your items. All gold, platinum, and silver items go through a melting and refining process in order to bring the metals back to a pure state of 999 which is the highest purity that precious metals are refined to. The refined metals are then mixed with new alloys and new jewelry is made. Diamonds are also collected and graded by our gemologists. Most diamonds are used to make new jewelry allowing us to payout cash for your gems.

Our location is equipped with the latest technology and our trained bench man offer services that can take rare family air looms and restore them to like new condition. You must be over 21 years of age and have a legal state id or driver's license in order to sell your gold, silver and platinum.