Reach LA Cash for Gold for selling your all your fine metals and diamonds.

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Looking forward to making fast cash? No use for some your old jewelry? If yes, then LA Cash for Gold is one of the few companies where you can sell your precious items without any confusion. Our primary office located in Pasadena is only an hour from Lancaster. It maybe a little of drive but we assure you it will be worth the trip. LA Cash for Gold has been buying precious metals from the public for over 8 years and is well known all over the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles area. We pay you a higher percentage than most gold buying companies for your fine metals.

Our trained staff at LA Cash for Gold precisely tests all your items for their purity, also known as karat. After testing your items we weigh them by their karat group. We then enter all the necessary information in our cash for gold calculator on our website to calculate your payouts. Please keep in mind our payouts are reflected by the current market spot prices for precious metals. There is never a set price for gold, silver and platinum. It changes every few minutes and daily. To give you this up to date information about the market prices, you can visit Our website has many helpful tools you can use to answer any questions.

We also offer other services, including:

• Watch repair
• Watch replacement batteries
• Jewelry repair
• Stone Removal

Review For our Pasadena Client

Best Gold Buying Store at PasadenaI decided to sell my old gold bracelets that I never wore after my 15th birthday. I didn’t know much about the gold selling business so I went online and started looking at different companies. I have to admit some of the websites that I glanced at were kind of sketchy from the start. I went onto yelp and typed gold places and La Cash for Gold was the first one that came up on my screen. I read all the reviews that other people wrote so I decided to give it a shot. Going on yelp lead me to their website and I found more information on there. All the prices were listed and it was pretty self-explanatory. I went in and was greeted right away. I told them this was my first time and they explained the whole process to me. I was amazed by how honest they are. They tested my bracelets in front of me and even showed me what their machine said. It was pretty cool. I was beyond happy and felt comfortable with them right away. Thanks again La cash for gold and the people that helped me there. You guys seriously rock! Miriam