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Lake Forest

Residing in the city of Lake Forest and want to sell your gold items to generate some quick money? If so than LA Cash for Gold is the best solution. Our company isnewly located in beautiful Pasadena and is only an hour drive away from Lake Forest. Since the establishment of our store in 2007, we have emerged as one of the most reliable and popular gold buying companies for all people who are looking to sell gold, platinum and diamonds.LA Cash for Gold offers top rated services that motivate the public from Lake Forest to sell their gold in our store. We are able to offer transparent gold buying services that include evaluation and inspection of your precious metals which everything is done right in front of you.

Check the current price of your gold Online

We have successfully managed to create a Cash for Gold calculator tool that will easily help you understand our payouts based upon its karats and weight. We have also managed to create a live price chart which automatically gets updated every two minutes according to the New York Stock Exchange. Our primary goal is to provide the most transparent gold buying services. In return, our customers can get a better understanding what their precious metals are really worth.

We offer the actual price on your gold

We process all the gold items that we buy in our own refineries to get the pure gold. This is one of the reasons why we are able to offer higher payouts compared to the other companies. The pure gold is further traded in the market with the top jewelry manufacturing companies.

Now, if you decide to sell your gold to our company, do not forget to bring your valid ID or driving license. We will need this to carry out the proper paperwork to finalize your transaction. Please keep in mind that you must be at least 21 years of age to sell your fine metals to LA Cash for Gold.

We believe in providing the complete customer satisfaction through our transparent gold buying services. Our satisfied customers are the perfect example of our services and you can contact anyone who has used our service in the past to confirm it.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Authentic and reliable The entire process of selling my gold items was done right in front of me. I had been to three other places prior to visiting LA Cash for Gold and this place was the only one who tested my items in front of me. They explained each step along the way and this honestly put me at ease. I didn’t feel like I was being cheated at all during the entire process. They showed me their calculator on their website and I got paid exactly what it stated. There were no gimmicks and it was pain free. These guys are truly honest and I’m really happy with my decision of selling my items to them. Visit LA Cash for Gold to get the most of your belongings. You won’t be disappointed. Claire