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La Verne

Gold buying business is thrivingthese days and it seems like the right time to liquidate all your precious metals. It's an easy process but searching for a reputable gold buyer may not be so easy. It can sometimes cause a great headache if you are looking in the wrong places. If you live in La Verne and are looking for trustworthy store nearby, then LA Cash for Gold can prove to be the right company for you. LA Cash for Gold is located in beautiful Pasadena, only a 30 minute drive for the residents of La Verne. The office in our new location provides a safe and secure area, not having any concerns of what to bring with you. We have become a reliable company in the gold buying industry cause are honest with our customers. Our prices are transparent and can be viewed at all times. What you see is exactly what you get paid. We test, weigh and calculate all your items right in front of you. We then enter all the necessary information in our cash for gold calculator on our website to calculate your payouts. Simple and easy. When selling your gold jewelry, silver flatware and diamonds, LA Cash for Gold offers higher prices compared to other companies because we melt and refine the precious metals ourselves.

Other services we provide include:

• Buying diamonds
• Fixing all broken jewelry
• Watch repair
• Replacing watch batteries

Also you need to provide a valid driver's license or ID and must be at least 21 years old to sell your items to our company.

Review For our Pasadena Client

A Reliable CompanyI had a diamond necklace from ex-boyfriend and I didn’t have any use for it. I came into LA Cash for Gold thinking I would get a small amount because I didn’t think it actually had a high value, and especially since it was broken. Boy was I wrong. The people were so honest and helpful. They tested the gold and diamonds and give me my payout right there and then. I couldn’t believe it! It was so much more than I was expecting. Thanks to the gentleman who helped me the entire process. It was easy and I’m so happy I came here. Alicia