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La Mirada

Never really wear your gold bracelets anymore? Have silver coins but don't know what to do with them? If you answered yes, then we have an easy answer for you. Sell them for easy instant cash. LA Cash for gold is a reputable gold buyer located in Pasadena. It's a 30 minute drive from La Mirada area to our office but assure you it's worth the drive. We pay higher prices for all precious metals than most companies. We are honest, transparent with our prices and educate our customers with the step by step selling process.

Our trained staff at LA Cash for Goldprecisely tests all your items for their purity, also known as karat. After testing your items we weight them by their karat group. We then enter all the necessary information in our cash for gold calculator on our website to calculate your payouts. Please keep in mind our payouts are reflected by the current market spot prices for precious metals. There is never a set price for gold, silver and platinum. It changes every few minutes and daily. To give you this up to date information about the market prices, you can visit cashforgoldlosangeles.com. Our websitehas many helpful tools you can use to answer any questions.

We are very transparent with our customers about our prices. There are no gimmicks or middle man at LA Cash for Gold. We test, weigh and calculate all your items in front of you. We use our very own cash for gold calculator to estimate your payouts. One of the key components we can pay higher prices than most companies is the recycling method. The items we buy from our customers are melted and refined. They are then sold at a later time.

Other services we provide include:


• Buying diamonds
• Fixing all broken jewelry
• Watch repair
• Replacing watch batteries

Also you need to provide a valid driver's license or ID and must be at least 21 years old to sell your items to our company.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Great Parking FacilityLa Cash for Gold was amazing to work with. They were very informative and I didn’t feel like I was being cheated. All their prices were transparent and upfront. Literally, I was watching them in front of my eyes. I was debating about one certain piece my dad gave me and they didn’t pressure me to sell, which I really appreciated. I didn’t want to have seller’s remorse so they told me think about it and if I decided to sell later on I knew where to find them. Thank you to the ladies and gentleman that helped me. You guys made this easy and pain free. Luis

Good Store at PasadenaLA Cash for Gold made my first gold selling experience very easy. I didn’t know anything about selling gold and the staff was so helpful. They explained the entire process to me while they were doing it. I found it very informative and somewhat fun. I left their office really happy and can’t wait to come back with my mom and sister. Thanks again! Natasha