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When people face financial crisis the only way out for them is to quickly arrange some cash. An appropriate solution for such people is to sell their precious metal items. A company that can efficiently meet the requirement of such people is LA Cash for Gold. Ours is a reliable store where people can conveniently sell their valuable items without any worry and get up to 70 to 90 percent as the returns. We are based in Pasadena in Playhouse district, which is very easy to access from La Mesa. Since, we are based at one of prime locations of California therefore we are capable of spreading out our services. If you are a resident of LA Mesa and want to sell your gold at nearby store then we are not too far from your place.

Our store brings a new perspective to gold buying industry


In the gold buying business, we have brought a new perspective with our unique services. We meticulously check each and every item to determine the value of the metal as per its purity .Further, we check the weight of valuable item with latest tools and calculate its payout percentage in accordance with New York Stock Exchange prices. We make use of Cash for Gold calculator, which is engineered by our owner to calculate the payout value. We estimate the payout right in front of the patrons so as to ensure they do not feel cheated.

Reliable services of our store


Apart from buying precious metals, we are engaged in selling alluring jewelry, which is an elegant mix of traditional and modern designs. We are also engaged in custom designing of jewelry as per the details listed by clients. At our store, you can also get your broken jewelry repaired along with damaged watches. We are also engaged in stone repairing and replacement of old watch batteries.

Customer focused team


We have a panel of expert professionals who have vast knowledge of this domain and go beyond the call of their duty to attain the aims of our firm. These professionals understand the requirement of clients and always come up with excellent solutions by making optimum use of the resources.

Rules for selling Gold at LA Cash for Gold


• You should be of at least 21 years old.
• Item that is to be sold should be the belonging of the seller.
• Do not forget to bring your driving license or state valid photo ID.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Splendid servicesThe services offered by LA Cash for Gold is undoubtedly splendid. Moreover, the staff here is well-trained in their respective area of expertise. They stood by me throughout the gold trading process and informed me about the same. Avery