LA Cash for Gold- An Authentic Store to Sell Your Jewelry

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La Habra

Here is the golden opportunity for you to earn instant cash if you are residing in La Habra. Our company, LA Cash for Gold is just 35minutes away for the people residing in the City of La Habra. We have been working in the gold industry for 8 years and havegained a thorough knowledge about the respective area. Our skilled staff will accurately evaluate the real value of your metals. They will first digitally test and then weigh your metals to determine their justified payoutpercentage on the basis of current market rates of that metal. We have also developed a website where you can access a free tool and check out the live prices of all the metals. The site will also help you to see the gold break down in karats and diamonds in carats. We pay you much higher than other gold buying stores because we follow the recycling method in which all the metals are melted and then refined into purest form.

Our variety of services consists of:

  • Large showroom of latest jewelry
  • Buying and selling of gold earrings, platinum bands, diamond necklace etc.
  • Buying of scrap jewelry
  • Repairing of broken jewelry
  • Mending damaged watches and replacing batteries
  • Replacement of watch bands
  • Buying of silverware, dental gold, bullions, coins etc.
  • Designing of customized jewelry

Our proficient panel of experts

We have a skilled and efficient team which works dedicatedly to suffice every customer by proffering the satisfactory services. They have been trained by the owner himself and will educate you about the entire buying and selling process so that you do not get deceived or cheated by any other gold buyer. They will extend a complete helping hand to you and will support you in every possible manner.Whatever queries you may have, our experts will solve them all.

Please keep in mind of following below when deciding to sell your precious metals to our company:

  • You must have an valid state ID or a driving license
  • You must be at least 21 years of age
  • The jewelry which you want to sell should be your personal possession

So stop by today to start getting paid exactly what you deserve for your fine metals. You won't be disappointed.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Awesome store with advanced recycling methodI needed some quick cash to pay some bills and pay day wasn’t until next week. I’m sure we’ve all been there. I had some old jewelry I only wore once or twice but never wore again after that. I came to their location in Pasadena and I was instantly greeted by a young lady. I told her my situation and need some instant cash and she helped me out with my items. I needed about 300$ for what I needed to pay my bills. After she tested all my items and calculated on their calculator my little scrap came out to 425$! I was so relieved that I even had a little extra. She was helpful and made the entire process easy. Thank you for helping me out of jam LA Cash for Gold. You guys are truly the best. Natasha