Time to Cash in Your Precious Metals and Diamonds with Our Efficient Services

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La Habra Heights

Selling your old gold jewelry or old silverware can give you instant cash. When selling your fine metals, always remain cautious from companies who try to persuade you with extra incentives. This usually leads them to pay you less for your metals without even knowing it. If you are a resident of La Habra Heights and want to find an honest and reputable gold buyer, then LA Cash for Gold is your best bet. You can sell all your fine metals without any hesitation. Our location in Pasadena is a 30 minute drive from La Habra Heights area but assure you it's worth the trip.

LA Cash for Gold has been a reputable gold buyer for over 8 years. We are well known for being honest, transparent with our prices, and welcoming. We follow a unique perspective of gold buying and give you an educational step by step process when coming to our company. We test, weigh and calculate all your items for you. Don't feel pressured to sell your items if you are not ready to part with them. LA Cash for Gold wants you to feel comfortable at all times when coming to our office.

Our recycling method is one key tool we are capable of paying you more than other companies. In this process, the items that we purchase from our customers go through a melting and refining technique. The recycled items are then sold at a later time.

In addition, we have created a website in which you can get better information about the existing market rates. Our website contains the price list of all precious metals and their karats. It also incorporates a free calculator so you, the customer, can use to give you an idea of how much your items are worth before coming to our location.

To sell your precious metals to our company, you must be at least 21 years of age and provide a valid driver's license or ID.

Besides purchasing your valuables, we also provide other services which fixing broken jewelry, watch battery replacements, stone removal, and watch repair.

The knowledgeable and friendly staff at our office assists you in every possible way by solving all your concerns and takes the confusion out of selling your fine metals.