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People tend to find themselves in financial hardships and are always looking for instant solutions. The easiest solution to these hardships is actually sitting right in your drawer. Gold is worth more than you think and coming to LA Cash for Gold, located in Pasadena, is a reliable company where you can sell your precious metals to get the most value. We are a gold buying company that has been purchasing gold, silver and platinum from the public for over 8 years. LA Cash for Gold carries a well-known reputation all throughout the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles area. We are a 20 minute drive from Irwindale but assure you it will be worth the drive.

Our trained staff at LA Cash for Gold explains the step by step process while digitally testing each of your items. We carry out a testing process to accurately determine each items purity, also known as karat. After the testing process, we weigh each karat group and calculate your payout of your precious metals for the current market rates. We are able to pay high prices because of the recycling method we follow and there is no middle man. All the purchased items are melted and refined at our primary office in Pasadena and sold at a later time.

A Significant Addition to Our Effective Services

LA Cash for has developed a website where the public can get to know up to date information of the current market rates. Cashforgoldlosangeles.com provides free toolsto help you take the confusion out of selling your gold, silver and platinum. We also do purchase diamonds from the public but there are many factors to be considered when selling your diamonds. That is where the owner himself will exam all your stones and then make an offer. If we do not purchase your diamonds, we will gladly remove and return your stones to you at no additional cost. Please note that if you do decide to sell to our company, you are required to provide a valid driver's license or ID and you must be at least 21 years old.

Not only do we purchase precious metals and diamonds, we also offer jewelry repair, watch repair, stone removal, and watch battery replacements.

When selling your metals, you should be able to feel comfortable at all times with the company you're dealing with. We value your safety as much as we value your business. Being located in a safe and secure location is just one of our many good qualities we have to offer. We assist you in the best possible manner to give you the most value for your items.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Upfront Store in PasadenaThis is really a perfect place to sell gold. Finding parking was easy the service was extraordinary. They inform you of everything they’re doing while they are doing it. Thanks for a great first time selling experience. Sunny

One Great Place to Make Instant CashThe service at LA Cash for Gold is really great!I went in to sell my wife’s gold chain and I was assisted right away. They tested, weighed and calculated everything right in front me. I was very impressed with their website and they paid me exactly what it said. They were very patient too since I couldn’t get a hold of my wife right away to make sure the payout was ok with her. After a couple of phone calls later, I got a hold of her and she couldn’t believe it either. Thanks again LA Cash for Gold. You really are the best! Eric