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Do you want to turn your unwanted jewelry into instant cash? Are you looking for a reputable company in Inglewood to sell your valuables? If your answer is yes, then LA Cash for Gold stands right in front of your place. Our store located in the beautiful city of Pasadena is easily accessible wherever you are traveling from. This easy location has further enabled us to spread out our effective services, being able to put out higher returns to our customers.

Our skilled staff at LA Cash for Gold digitally tests each of your items to determine the purity. This is also known as Karat. After testing all your belongings, we categorized them into their karat group and weigh them on our jewelry scale. We then input the information on our Cash for Gold calculator to quote you your payout. Please keep in the mind the payouts are also reflected on the actual market rates for that business day. We pay higher prices because we have the ability to conduct a recycling method. In the process, all the items are carried out through a melting and molding technique. The refined item is sold at a later time.

With years of knowledge and experience, we have become a transparent buyer in the gold buying industry. To be a reliable company, we have created a website to inform customers about current precious metals trading prices. has many different tools you can use to take the confusion out of selling your items to our company.

Besides purchasing from the public, we also provide other services including jewelry repair, watch battery replacements and repairing broken watches.

Please keep in mind that you must be 21 years of age and provide a valid ID or drivers license when deciding to sell to our company. We have a team of well trained professionals who offer their complete helping handin making this experience stress and hassle free.There is also 1 hour free street parking available at all times.

Visit us today to start getting paid exactly what you deserve for your precious metals.