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Indian Wells

LA Cash for Gold is located right in the heart of beautiful Pasadena and now serving to the residents of Indian Wells. Our company specializes in the buying of gold, silver and platinum from the public and high percentages of the stock market. We admit that it can be quite a drive from the city of Indian Wells but assure you it’s worth it. At LA Cash for Gold you will come across a trained and skilled team of professionals who can educate well about the cash for gold industry and solve any worry or doubt regarding the process. When you will visit our store, our experts will examine your precious items for its purity level and then weigh to accurately estimate the payout percentage according to the prevailing market rates of all the metals. On our website you can easily check with the live prices of every metal and also see the breakdown in terms of karats.
Our Exclusive Recycling Process
The recycling method which we practice is done through an extensive way by melting and molding all the fine metals in our own refinery to get the purest form of precious metals that includes .999 silver, .999 gold and .999 platinum. After this extraction process, this purest form is traded in the market and also used in the manufacturing of the latest designed jewelry.
How to sell your fine metals at LA Cash for Gold?
If you plan on selling your gold, silver and platinum to usplease make sure you are at least 21 years of age and are able to provide a valid state ID or driving license. Also, the metals are to be your own belonging at all times.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Spectacular Customer Services One of my friends referred me to LA Cash for Gold when I came across my old high school ring and some other of my other things that I didn’t know I had until I did some heavy duty cleaning. I was amazed to see their educated staff and the way they handle the customers so professionally. They explained the entire process and I wasn’t confused! Hats off to their services! I am planning to visit them again very soon. Bella