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Want to go for a vacation after a long time with your family but could not make up the required money?If yes then the best way to make quick cash is to sell some of your scrap jewelries including silver coins, diamond necklace, gold earrings etc. However, always be careful while selling your valuables as there are many companies who can trap you in their fraud dealings. If you are in search of a reliable firm then do not look further. LA Cash for Gold nestled in Pasadena, California is one such store where you can sell your gold without doubt.

If you are a resident of Huntington Park and searching for a good store nearby your place then we are no far from your location at all. Our new location tempts a number of people to travel down to us without any difficulty as we have an excellent parking area where you can park your vehicle for one hour without paying any charges.

We discovered a new criterion to sell your gold, diamond or silver. Firstly, we accurately test each of the items and precisely weigh them with the weighing tools in order to find out whether the metals hold value or not. Later we determine the giving price, depending upon the market rates. Further we also practice one important method in order to pay you high. Recycling process is one significant way to give a new look to the old broken jewelry. In the technique the items are first melted and molded and given a new shape. Thereafter, they are sold at realistic rates, allowing us to pay handsome.

Our store has also made one significant addition. We have developed a new site wherein you can get enhanced knowledge about the up to date market prices. It also implies a free tool where you can go through how the gold items are broken down in purity in terms of karat not to be mixed with carat which is the value of diamond.

Supreme Customer Satisfaction Services

We have a team of professional experts who tries to assist you in every way. We try to educate you so that you become aware of the various gimmicks played by different gold buying stores. Our staffs try to resolve all your concerns with utmost patience. Our whole team offers complete helping hand right from selling your gold to getting instant cash in return.

So, come to us, sell your valuable assets and return with a smiling face.

Review For our Pasadena Client

Very ReliableMy wife was confused where to sell her gold earrings. The next day I went to LA Cash for Gold and I was surprised to see the free tool with which they broke down the purity of the metal in terms karat. It was all in front of my eyes. They gave me a fair amount for the item. Really, a great business!Jay

Great ServiceI traveled down to the beautiful city of Pasadena to sell my old gold medallions. The parking area offered by the store is really awesome and I faced no difficulty.Mark